August 20, 2022 2 min read

“Ancient Power Booster of Inca Warriors for Unmatched Energy Levels and Vitality”


History remembers Inca warriors for their sheer determination and; above all; their unbeatable strength. They had strong built, exceptional stamina, and earth-shattering energy. Eco Chacras unlocked the secret of their success and aimed to bring it to your doorsteps. 


Eco Chacras proudly presents“Maca Powder”, a delicate and well-balanced blend of all three yellow, black and red Maca.


The history of Maca roots dates back to Pre-Incan cultures, which first cultivated this super-food. It gained proper recognition and popularity during the Incan Era. It has become quite famous for rising energy levels naturally and instantly.


Does this sound interesting to you? Wait till you listen to the real benefits of this wondrous Maca Root Powder.

Salient Features of Eco Chacras Maca Root Powder

This ancient superfood has been grown in Peruvian Andes Mountains for hundreds of years. Down below are the distinguishing traits of Eco Chacras Maca Root Powder:

Much Needed Boost of Power

In today's busy world, our biggest challenge is maintaining energy levels. Continuous work leads to all-time-low energy levels. With low energy levels, neither can we be productive nor are we able to enjoy life. Does this sound like your condition? Try this natural power booster to regain control of your energy levels!

The Ultimate Blend

Several products on the market offer you a whole package while offering only one type of Maca Powder. However, Eco Chacras Maca Powder is a fine blend of all three red, yellow and black types of Maca roots. Therefore, it is safe to say; with the combined qualities of all three Maca roots; Eco Chacras Maca Powder is the ultimate energy booster.

Diverse Usage

You can use Our Maca Powder with all of your favorite foods like cakes, cookies, hot drinks, and smoothies. The Malty and Nutty taste of this supplement increases the overall essence of any serving, therefore, your body will get the power it needs to be productive and active, and your tastebuds won’t suffer either.


Say Goodbye to Those Lazy and Tired Days With OUR Maca Powder!



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