August 20, 2022 2 min read

Are you tired of compromising on your health just to make your food, snacks and beverages look and taste more delicious?


Health benefits and delicious food, that also looked good, used to sound like two different things. This encouraged Eco Chacras; your own environmentally friendly farm located in the mineral-rich land of Peru; to come up with a solution. This is how Organic Purple Corn Powderwas introduced.  

Best Of Both Worlds

Before Eco Chacras introduced Organic Purple Corn Powder, you had to choose between health benefits, taste, and aesthetic elements of food. Eco Chacras Organic Purple Corn has broken the cycle by offering the best nutritional value you will find along with exceptionally good color.




You will be amazed to hear about the health benefits of Eco Chacras Purple Corn Powder. Firstly, Our purple corn powder gets its color from the anthocyanin, naturally found in purple corns grown naturally in Peru for thousands of years. Needless to say, no artificial coloring is added to any of Eco Chacras' products.


Down below are the health benefits of Eco Chacras Purple Corn Powder that make it your best bet:


  • Unlike other options that offer nothing but fillers, Purple Corn Powder comes loaded with highly beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients. These elements act as natural immunity boosters and anti-inflammatory agents. On top of that, antioxidants are famous for normalizing blood flow levels and reducing cholesterol levels, resulting in overall good health.
  • Another thing that you won’t find in any other chemically processed corn flour: purple corn flour promotes lipid metabolism. Glucose content is the biggest concern of any fitness lover. This product supports healthy glucose that will boost your energy without any fear of gaining unwanted weight.
  • The benefits of this exceptional corn flour don’t end there. Our Purple Corn Powder also boasts high amount of fibers to maintain your intestinal health. Yes! We are talking about corn flour here whose benefits make it sound like a supplement.


Get Most Out of Your Food Without Thinking Twice!


The offer doesn’t end there. Eco Chacras Purple Corn Flour is being offered at an introductory price. Try one before prices go up!

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