August 21, 2022 1 min read

Are you tired of trying different sweeteners that, instead of adding sweetness to your life, leave a bitter taste that makes you crave table sugar more? Well, you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people face this issue every day, which eventually leads to failure in quitting sugar.

Considering the severity of this condition, Eco Chacras stepped in and came up with the ULTIMATE SOLUTION!

Presenting you the result of our years of research and hard work; “Organic Yacon Syrup”

Yacon Syrup is made up of 100% natural ingredients organically grown in the mineral-rich soil of Peru farmlands. 

Our Yacon Syrup is not only a natural sweetener, but it boasts additional qualities as well, which are listed below:

  • Pre Biotic-Yacon Syrup promotes the growth of “Good Bacteria” in your guts, improving overall intestinal health.
  • Low Glycemic- This natural sugar substitute has very little impact on your sugar levels, decreasing the risks of heart conditions and diabetes.
  • Antioxidant- Our Yacon Syrups acts as a natural antioxidant, supporting better blood-oxygen levels and masking aging effects. 

  • A spoon full of Yacon Syrup is a spoon full of not only sweetness but wellness as well. Eco Chacras Yacon Syrup, you make your breakfast delicious again without the fear of gaining weight or increasing sugar levels. 

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