August 21, 2022 2 min read

SAYA Monk Fruit Blend!


Are you tired of the unpleasant aftertaste that sweeteners leave? What if we tell you about a 100% plant-based natural sweetener that only adds sweetness to the moments of your joy without a trace of any unwanted aftertaste? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, Eco Chacras specializes in presenting totally natural products that are as good as they sound.


SAYA- Monk Fruit with Yacon is a perfectly blended sweetener powder from our latest SAYA Natural Sweeteners range that is filled with tons of health benefits.


SAYA- Monk Fruit will help you in your weight loss and sugar level controlling journeys as it contains yacon in extract form. The whole range is specifically formulated after vigorous testing and extensive research to aid you in cutting sugar while still enjoying the sweetness in your life.

Why SAYA- Monk Fruit Blend ?

Simply because “Nature Has All The Answers” and SAYA- Monk Fruit is a 100% Natural Sweetener that boasts qualities like no other sweetener on the market. The ingredients used in preparing SAYA- Monk Fruit are grown on family-owned farms in Peru using all-natural practices without any pesticides and chemicals. 


Here are some key features of SAYA- Monk Fruit blend that make it much more than just a sweetener:

  • Promotes Better Intestinal Health-SAYA- Monk Fruit blend controls your sugar levels and acts as a probiotic that catalyzes the growth of good bacteria in your intestine, resulting in a happy gut :)
  • NATURAL Sweetness Only- Eco Chacras adds rare Allulose sugar to SAYA-Monk Fruit which is a natural source of sweetness found in some exclusive organic foods. 
  • Contains “The Fruit Of Immortal”-The key ingredient of SAYA- Monk Fruit, as the name indicates, is “Monk Fruit.” This fruit gained popularity in eastern herbalism due to its exceptionally high number of health benefits. 
  • 3 Times Sweeter Than Sugar- Not only will you get a better essence of sweetness in your life with SAYA- Monk Fruit, but you will also realize that going natural isn’t bank-breaking at all. 


For your convenience, the SAYA- Monk Fruit comes with a scoop. Simply add one scoop of SAYA- Monk Fruit to your beverage, dessert, or recipe to bring back sweetness to your life.


Eco Chacras is offering SAYA- Monk Fruit at an introductory price right now, so order before the prices go up! 


Use the link below to place your order:



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