August 21, 2022 2 min read

Switching from KFC to Mcdonald's thinking you will get rid of junk food makes any sense to you? No, right? What would you think about switching from table sugar to processed sweeteners because it will significantly benefit your health? Thing is, most commercially produced sweeteners contain chemicals with numerous side effects in the longer run. 


However, the good news is that you still have the chance to switch to 100% Plant-Based Natural Sweetener. 


SAYA, a new range of 100% Plant-Based Natural Sweeteners with added benefits of Yacon by Eco Chacras, is specifically formulated to not only make you forget table sugar but also provide you with a wide variety of additional health benefits. 


In the past, using substitute sweeteners meant feeling an unpleasant bitter taste all day. But not anymore! Because of Eco Chacras’s range of sweeteners, SAYA is far away from unpleasantness and much closer to a life full of sweetness. 


SAYA- Stevia is made up of only natural ingredients grown and handpicked from family-owned farms in Peru. The whole process of manufacturing SAYA-Stevia blend integrates hundreds of years old natural practices that perfectly preserve the nutrients of each element used.

Is SAYA-Stevia blend as universal as table sugar?

We get this question a lot, can I use SAYA-Stevia blend for cooking? Can I use it for baking? Is it good for beverages? You can use SAYA-Stevia anywhere you want to add sweetness without worrying about weight gain and high sugar levels. 


The fact that SAYA-Stevia is at-least 3 times more flavourful than regular sugar brings out the best taste possible in desserts, coffee, tea and beverages. Due to the same reason, if you do the math, you will find out that Eco Chacras’s sweeteners, apart from being exceptionally beneficial for your health, are economical as well. 


¼ tsp of SAYA equals 1 tsp of sugar, making SAYA-Stevia both budget and health-friendly :)


Down below is the list of some additional benefits that are nowhere to be seen in chemically processed sweeteners:

  • Contains high levels of FOS, which is highly beneficial for maintaining ideal intestinal health and zero percent of fillers or preservatives.
  • Allulose is the key ingredient in our whole SAYA range, which is a natural sweetener found naturally in some foods.
  • Yacon, a primary ingredient used in extract form, is an excellent antioxidant and can lower your blood sugar levels. 
  • Every sweetener in Eco Chacras’s SAYA range is low glycemic, meaning almost zero chances of impact on sugar levels. 


If you are serious about your health and believe that nature has all the answers, SAYA-Stevia is for you. SAYA is also available in SAYA-Monk Fruit flavour at the same price!


So, don’t miss your chance and order your Natural Sweetener SAYA-Stevia today by clicking on the link below:


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