August 20, 2022 2 min read

Did you know that lassitude, irritability, fatigue, weakness, and depression could be the signs of Vitamin C deficiency? We don’t realize the severity of the condition until it’s too late. The signs mentioned above are just the beginning. Constant deficiency leads to a terrible condition called scurvy. 


This is a medical condition related to your connective tissues that could result in bleeding gums, perifollicular hemorrhages, weak teeth, and poor healing of wounds. Although this sounds terrible, the good news is that Eco Chacras has once again stepped in with a totally natural solution!


Camu Camu Powder by Eco Chacras is unarguably the best source of vitamin c you can get.

Why Eco Chacras Camu Camu Powder?

I can almost hear you saying, “There are hundreds of options available on the market; why should I go for this one?”


Here’s Why:


  • Responsibly Sourced: Eco Chacras believes in keeping things natural. That is why we pick naturally grown Camu Camu from the riverbanks of Amazon. In order to maintain the nutritional value, no preservatives or chemicals are used during the processing of the product.
  • RICHEST Natural Source of Vitamin C: We chose Camu Camu as the primary source for our vitamin c supplement powder for a reason. There is no other natural source richer in vitamin c than Camu Camu.
  • Benefits Oriented Product: Eco Chacras aims to provide you value for every cent you spend with us. Camu Camu Powder is specifically formulated to provide you with the best health results naturally in minimum time.
  • A Treat for Taste Buds: In most cases, taking supplements regularly becomes a challenge because of their unpleasant taste. This is not the case with Camu Camu Powder which makes your drinks, shakes, and food more delicious. Due to its tangy flavor, even children can’t resist it, making Camu Camu an ideal choice for all age groups.
  • Loaded With Antioxidants: Camu Camu powder is not only the richest source of vitamin C, but it also comes loaded with antioxidants. These natural immunity boosters help in maintaining overall health and especially blood flow.


It's Time to Give Back to The Body!

Serve your body with the best vitamin c source out there by ordering Camu Camu Powder right now!


Limited stock is available, so don’t waste time!

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