About Us

Eco Chacras is an organic and health food company based in the USA with a presence in Peru.WE ARE PASSIONATE TO BRING YOU THE HEALTH AND PURITY FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS.

We are a family-run, super-food company based in USA & Peru. We believe in giving back to the community of local farmers and the land that we warmly call Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth. Eco Chacras is part of the larger Mantra group family,a well-established group of companies based in Lima-Peru with over 15 years of experience in the food business.


Meaning Ecological Farm, we bring you delicious, or as they say here in Peru - Rico - truly rich, healthy and environmentally sustainable, superfood products. All of our hand selected organic products are cultivated from a pristine environment grown high in the Peruvian Andes-untouched by genetically modified seeds, grown without any kinds of pesticides or chemicals using regenerative farming practices and far away from pollutions or toxins found in the western world. The ancient healing foods we bring to you are grown in very old ways handed down from the Inkan lines that honored the land and their people. Even the products not specifically labeled organic, are some of the cleanest foods, because farmers have an incredible, non-toxic environment and no GMOs.

Yummy Superfood

Deliver the highest quality, flavorful, nutrient filled products to promote truly healthy living

Great Prices

Ensure the foods we bring you you are very affordable to make it accessible for anyone


Maintain ethically produced food growing practices to supporting the health of the planet

Share Health

Spread awareness that healthy eating is connected with the quality and energy put into our food

Fair Trade

support the local hard-working farmers with a living wage and fair trade practices

Teaching & Support

Teach organic growing methods and provide communities with access to proper certifications

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