Eco Chacras -Natural Source of Omega 3, 6, 9 Fatty Acids - GMO and Gluten Free-Peruvian Sacha Inchi Oil -60 Softgel Capsules -1000 mg-Boosts The Immune System.

Softgel caps of Sacha Inchi from Peru by Eco Chacras. Sacha Inchi capsules provide incredible nutritional benefits without the unpleasant aftertaste. Sacha Inchi organic oil is responsibly extracted from Sacha Inchi seeds, which means the supplement is 100% sustainable. Sacha Inchi oil capsules help to promote cardiovascular health, boost immune system, and improve brain health.Sacha Inchi capsules by Eco Chacras are an excellent source of essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal health. With this supplement, you can be sure to reap all the benefits of Sacha Inchi seed and Omega 3,6, 9 fatty acids.
  • BENEFITS: Rich Source of protein, carotenoids, and Linum B6.Rich in Vitamin A, Good for healthy vision, skin, bones, Packed with Vitamin E and iodine.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND VALUE: Sacha Inchi oil Softgel capsules are made in Peru by Eco Chacras. Contains 1 bottle of 60 softgel Sacha Inchi capsules of 1000mg.
  • POTENT NATURAL SUPERFOOD OF INCAS: Helps with cell preservation, promoting cardiovascular health, and maintaining healthy levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • EASY TO SWALLOW & NO FISHY AFTERTASTE: This makes Sacha Inchi capsules ideal for people who experience nausea or reflux because of Nasty Fish Oil taste.
  • SAFE & NATURAL FORMULA DESIGNED BY NATURE FOR YOUR WELLBEING: No additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, or any harmful additives.