Eco Chacras -Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules –Natural Omega 3,6,9 ! 90 Capsules

The Eco Chacras brand relies on our team of experts to develop new and improved dietary supplements that allow you to enjoy an active and modern lifestyle. Our capsules are formulated using premium and carefully selected ingredients that provide a concentrated dose of wellness that will keep you going! The black seed oil capsules rely on the special benefits of cold-pressed cumin oil that is packed with antioxidants for a great vitality boost.

What makes our product special?

This amazing black seed oil formula is an outstanding addition to your diet. Made with 100% extra-virgin and cold-pressed black seed oil, this natural dietary supplement can provide adequate support for your immune system and digestive system. The formula is lab tested and designed in the USA to check the highest standards in the industry.

Some features to keep in mind about our product:

  • Quantity: 90 capsules/pack;
  • Concentration: 500mg;
  • Lab-tested supplement formulated in the USA;
  • 3-month supply;
  • Easy to swallow;
  • Free from harsh fillers;
  • Vegan and vegetarian capsules;
  • Made with 100% extra-virgin and cold-pressed black seed oil;
  • Rich in antioxidants;
  • Can provide support for the immune and digestive systems;
  • Great for men and women;
  • Recommended dose: 1 capsule/day.

Enjoy a great vitality boost with our amazing black seed oil supplements!

  • Wellness Boost: The black cumin oil capsules are your way to getting back on track with your health! Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, these premium black cumin seed oil capsules are a great addition to your diet
  • Many Benefits: Taking our black cumin seed oil supplement can have a major impact on your body. Because it is rich in antioxidants supplement, this formula can help your body fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, while also providing immune support supplement and digestive systems.
  • Premium Ingredients: Our black seed capsules are made with extra virgin and cold pressed cumin oil. This technique allows us to preserve the qualities of cumin, so you get nothing but the raw benefits.
  • Secure Formula: The black seed oil capsules 500 mg are vegetarian and have a vegan formula. The capsules are lab-tested and keto-friendly, which makes them suitable for your lifestyle.
  • What you Get: The Eco Chacras pack contains 90 black oil seed capsules or the equivalent of a 3-month supply. The capsules have a 500mg concentration that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of cold-pressed black seed oil. These supplements are formulated in the USA and check the highest standards.