SAYA is 100% Natural Sugar Substitute - Perfect Blend Powder Based of Yacon | Zero Calories- 120 servings

Processed food has posed more risks to Our health than anything else on the planet. Our ancestors, which only relied on a 100% natural diet, had the best immune systems and ideal weights. Hence, Eco Chacras is continually working to develop natural superfoods like SAYA the Yacon based Powder with Monk Fruit and Allulose to provide you with the same quality of life. Yacon, which is naturally loaded with immense health benefits, is used as the primary source of sweetness in SAYA natural sweeteners range. Along with Yacon, allulose, known as natural sugar and is found organically in different foods, is used to enhance flavor. SAYA Monk Fruit natural sweetener is no less than a lifesaver for those who are conscious regarding their health. For the first time, you have the option to cut the sugar while keeping the sweetness in your life. :)
  • ●Yacon As Main Ingredient- for those, who don’t know, Yacon is a root native to South America. It is grown in the farmlands of Peru using centuries-old practices to preserve its nutrient value. It has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years due to its exceptional health benefits.
  • ●Not Your Regular Sugar Alternative- SAYA Yacon-Monk Fruit blend boasts an extremely low glycemic index along with tons of other health benefits. This 100% natural sweetener comes with additional health benefits like better intestinal wellness and improved guts.
  • ●Every Spoon is Valuable- Eco Chacras policy strictly forbids the use of any kind of filler or preservative. Every spoon of Our SAYA Yacon, Monk Fruit blend will be full of sweetness, healthy ingredients, and nothing else!
  • ●Naturally Grown Ingredients- Eco Chacras strongly believe that the secrets to a healthy life lie in a natural diet. Our superfood products are 100% Natural. To back up Our claim, Eco Chacras ensure the growth of ingredients without any chemicals and pesticides.
  • ●MAKE YOUR DIET PERFECT: SAYA allows you to enjoy your life to its fullest without worrying about sugar levels and weight gain.Top off your favourite breakfast foods, add to your morning coffee,tea,smoothies use in your baking and cooking.