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Yacon Syrup - USDA Organic from Peru | 100% Natural Sweetener - Plant based Sugar Substitute - 8.11 Fl Oz. - (320 Grams )

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Organic Yacon syrup
Net Weight: 8 fl Oz (320 Grams)
3 spoons daily


Cut the sugar yet keep the sweet
It is organic natural sweetener
Pre biotic, low glycemic and Antioxidant
Sweeten your diet making it perfect for those on keto
No preservatives and no filler
Sprinkle on the top of your favourite breakfast foods, add to your morning coffee, use in baking and cooking without having to substitute flavour for healthy eating
Provides you many types of health benefits like lowering blood glucose levels, increasing bone density, supporting your overall immune health, increase energy levels and assisting in weight loss